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About Us

Our Vision

To be a society recognised organisational resilience consultancy and training practice.

Our Mission

To provide our valued stakeholders with reliable, practical and relevant business continuity, emergency preparedness and crisis management solutions as part of enhancing organisational resilience through our consulting, training and collaborative services.

Delivering customised training

Our experience. Our strengths. Your competitive advantage

At Infinity Continuity, our core strengths are in emergency preparedness, business continuity and crisis management and because of our experience in various industry, Infinity Continuity has the expertise to meet your needs based on best practices. As an independent organisational resilience consultancy and training practice, apart from our staff being professionally certified by bespoke professional bodies (example, the Business Continuity Institute) and accredited by the relevant government regulatory agencies as approved training providers, we partner only with industry practitioners who share the same philosophy and embrace the same commitment to results as us, in ensuring total delivery of organisational resilience solutions to our clients.

Our journey

Our journey

At Infinity Continuity, we ensure that our services delivered are always in the interest of our clients. In order to achieve this, we constantly review and seek feedback to ensure the consultancy, audit and training programmes we deliver, are not only relevant to stakeholders, but also unique in its approach and value for money. When we deliver resilience solutions, we drill into our clients’ needs while adopting industry best practices, standards and guidelines.

Since our establishment in 2013, Infinity Continuity has been consulted upon and conducted various training sessions for professionals involved in organisational resilience, operational resilience, operational risk management, crisis management, emergency response, property and facilities management, fire safety and security management, and business continuity management. Our professionals have real world experience from various industry and critical sectors.

Infinity Continuity is also privileged to have been invited to share its views on organisational resilience at conferences organised by agencies such as the Association of Company Emergency Response Teams (Singapore), and the Association of Small and Medium Enterprise. In addition, we have also participated in the joint development of “how to” guides on business continuity evaluation techniques with the UK’s Business Continuity Institute.

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