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Infinity Continuity
BCI Licensed Training Partner

In the “new normal”, how will you maintain your competitive advantage?

BCI Licensed Training Partner
CBCI Certification Course (Edition 7.0)

Organisational resilience: How we help our clients

In today’s operating environment, “business as usual” is no longer the same as before (and neither is it a guarantee). Your clients expect more from you even when there is a business disruption. Our goal is to help businesses and governments achieve organisational resilience by adopting the following approach in our consultancy and training solutions:

  • Customised implementation – Every organisation is unique and we do not apply “copy and paste” templates. We take the effort to understand our client’s operating business model.
  • Scalable– Our services are recommended based on international best practice guidelines and scalable to meet our client’s needs.
  • Prompt delivery – We adopt a strict project management approach, ensuring the agreed scope is delivered on time and within budget.
  • Quality assurance – We are professionally qualified and experienced in the fields of business continuity, emergency preparedness and crisis management and strive to ensure this is demonstrated in our scope of services.

Our Services

Our service coverage goes beyond your typical “consultancy and training” scope of services. As experienced organisational resilience professionals, we are competent in delivering the following:


Our key solution helps our clients appreciate the current resilience state, what is required (or desirable) and what it takes to get there.

Resilience Validation

We help validate and ensure your plans, procedures and response measures are in compliance with relevant guidelines, standards and industry best practices. This may be in the form of audits or delivery of tests and exercises.

Product Assessment

We help our clients test and validate acquired crisis management automation platforms and applications to ensure it meets organisational needs.

CBCI Certification Course (Edition 7.0)


We provide training in the areas of emergency preparedness, business continuity and crisis management, in collaboration with industry partners and relevant government agencies. We are able to provide customised training programs as well. We are also the licensed training partner of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) offering the globally recognised “CBCI” professional certification.

Our Team

As an independent organisational resilience consultancy and training practice, we are committed to ensuring our clients achieve organisational resilience as part of gaining the competitive advantage. We work with allied partners, associates and professional organisations in delivering not only affordable, but practical solutions for our clients.

Delivering customised training

Delivering customised solutions whenever required

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